gone home

“But what’s wrong with professionals sharing ideas and opinions and stuff”

This. This is what’s wrong with it, you goddamn morons:

Look, a review is supposed to be a critical, objective blurb written about a product or service in order to better inform the consumer as to whether or not that product or service warrants a purchase. That’s all a review is, and all it should be. It shouldn’t have political bias, and it shouldn’t contain conflicts of interest. Shouldn’t. Contain. Conflicts. Of Interest.

Gone Home is an adventure/story driven “game” in the same vein as Dear Esther. I put game in quotes as it is really only an interactive book, which uses a first person game world as it’s vehicle. It has very few traditional¬†gameplay elements other than wandering around, viewing objects and places and learning about the emergent story. It¬†isn’t awful, but it isn’t a game and even as a piece of interactive media it isn’t anything to write home about. If I had to stick a grading number on there to share my opinion on the product (which I hate doing but for the sake or argument I will) I’d give it a 5/10. That’s my opinion and I’ll stick to it. I don’t stand to make a profit for stating my opinion, I have nothing invested in the product of the developer, it’s a relatively unbiased opinion from a dude who plays a lot of games.

Enter Polygon staff. You not only display a massive conflict of interest when looking at the product, and then try to downplay it in the comments, but you give a mediocre product that really isn’t a video game, a perfect fucking ten score. Think about that for a moment. It’s bad enough that they are allowing that staff member to do the review, but they then go on to tell you that it’s a PERFECT game.

You guys are a fucking joke.