Don’t hate, meditate

OK I’ve been away for a while playing Dark Souls II and generally being lazy on my week off.

Dark Souls II needs a piece written about it, but not yet as I am nowhere near finished with the game. I’ll admit there have been some changes made to the overall mechanics of the game that I am not best pleased with. It’s still a brilliant game and I will still dedicate many hours to it, but there are some glaring changes that feel like they were made by the publisher and not the developer. Changes to make it appeal to a wider audience and hence: get more money. I hate this practice in the industry, and in general but enough about that for now.

I’m going to start meditating. Once a day for just two minutes to start with, then longer if I can keep it up for a whole two weeks.


I have no idea how to meditate although I understand it’s easy to get in to. My problem is going to be controlling my wandering mind. The point of meditation is to become more mindfulness about your everyday environment and experiences, to be able to concentrate on the things that matter rather than getting stressed out at the little things. I can’t seem to help doing this though, my mind charge on at the speed of light when it is not fully occupied.

Still, it’s worth a shot and a lot of formerly depressed people swear by it. I need to find a comfy cushion and some whale sounds CDs…