Lets start a riot. A slow riot.

Whilst I’m feeling good I’m going to give you a treat.

This is one of my most adored pieces of music ever. It’s an EP by the Canadian post-rock band Godspeed You! Black Emperor¬†who I was turned on to by a close friend of mine around two years ago. They quickly became and have remained my favourite band. I listened to them whilst I was in a serious mushroom phase and their musical abilities completely changed the way I listen to and even approach music.

This was the band that made me realise that music was the key to the universe and that ALL music has value, even if you yourself do not enjoy a particular genre. They are considered a post rock band but I think that pigeon-holing them to one genre doesn’t do them justice. They create orchestral, often dream like soundscapes that form stories in your mind (OK maybe you need the mushrooms for the really good stories but you know what I mean). They can be incredibly quiet and subtle and then all of a sudden throw you into an audio panic with heavy drone or massive shifts in tempo.

OK look I suck at describing music, let me just say that no other set of musicians has ever made me feel the way I do when I listen to these guys (with the possible exception of The Floyd). Their work is mainly instrumental, but often features field recordings and prolonged drone elements that break up the pieces. Most of their pieces are over ten minutes in length and are composed of internal movements that can dramatically change during the duration of the piece.¬†Remember the scene in 28 Days Later when Cillian Murphy has only recently woken up and is wandering around a deserted London, before he actually witnesses the infected? That’s GY!BE and that track rules ass.

This EP contains my favourite piece from them, ‘Moya’ (named after one of the original members of the band), which segues into another fantastic track, ‘Blaise Bailey Finnegan III’ that combines vox populi style rantings from a troubled man with amazingly charged and frantic instrumental music.

This music makes me feel good. You should listen to it. Right now.

Here’s ‘Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada’. Enjoy.