Month: October 2014

Feels good to have an i5 right about now


So by now, if you’re following it, you’ll know about Intel pulling advertisements from Gamasutra. Gah I won’t prattle on for ages this time, but just take a look at this spectacular display of mental retardation:

Hey y’know what, I think we might have a case of sensationalitis going on here Jim

Intel have not sided with anyone. They have made a business decision to remove advertising revenue from a publication which employs a vapid, hypocritical, meandering little troll to write for it. A denizen of the Hurt Feelings 24/7 YOLO Club who spouts unabashed opinion and vitriol so vile, it will FIGURATIVELY RAPE YOUR FACE. Don’t make any rape jokes around them though, or they will doxx you, your wife, and your kids, compare you to Hitler, shoot your dog, before finally leaving you a dried up husk at the side of the road.

“I’m a megaphone!” No, you’re just an asshole.

I’m down what Intel have done, but I know better than to declare it as some kind of victory by #gamergate, it’s just good business sense for them. #gg has brought issues to light, what people do with those issues is up to them. Hopefully more companies will start to look at the placement of their adverts on sites like Gamasutra, where the troll of our story resides, and realise that it might be better for their image to not side with lunatics.


A timeline of corruption

Reddit user sir_roflcopter has created a very good illustrative example of just what we are so pissed off about regarding #gamergate. A timeline of bullshit going back to 2001, that serves as a wonderful example to what we have been saying for a while now. This shit has been going on for a long time and it has to stop.

This timeline purposely avoids mentioning direct #gamergate issues so it can stand alone as a record that this type of shady behaviour has been going on for a very long time, not just since the Quinn/Sarkessian/GG debacle first reared it’s head.

Here’s the timeline. It shows interesting things that many of us in the gaming community already knew but might have forgotten about. For instance, when I was just getting started in the industry I remember being stoked for Driv3r, only to be disappointed with the game that was released. I had completely forgotten about the review controversy that surrounded this decidedly mediocre title 10 years ago. It’s no different from the Gamespot Kane & Lynch scandal from a few years ago (an event which caused the inception of Giant Bomb), it shows how publishers and their favoured journalists are too cozy with each other and too eager to scratch each other’s backs with gifts and generous reviews.

#gamergate has brought this problem to the surface, but the core has been rotten for some time now.

Screenshot_1Well that was money well spent