The Philadelphia Experiment, but with airplanes

Heh, this will fool them

So I reckon most people who use the Internet have been keeping up to date with the news regarding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which went missing last Saturday when it vanished off the radar somewhere in the South China Sea.

There’s been a lot of theories and rumours and misinformation going around all the media outlets in the wake of the disappearance, and here’s one of the more unusual ones that is quite interesting, if not far-fetched.

The plane had cloaking technology

Yup that’s right, some people are suggesting that due to the presence of twenty employees from Freescale Semiconductor being onboard there is a chance that it could have been a testbed for some kind of hi-tech cloaking mechanism. The company designs and manufactures embedded systems for all sorts of devices all over the world which apparently include weapons systems and aircraft navigation.

Not to downplay the tragedy in any way but if this was true it would be BADASS. Cloaking technology would enable me to finally live my life long dream of becoming invisible and hanging around outside bank vaults until they close for the night so I could sneak in undetected and get PHAT STACKS of money. I hate capitalism and wish that money wasn’t a thing, but it is, and I needs it, so I have no problem stealing from bankers especially when it would be nigh on impossible to get caught.

If anything it’s an interesting theory albeit one that is probably totally wrong. Making three-dimensional objects invisible is a Class 1 impossibility according to the marvelous theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku (read his book Physics of the Impossible for more information) . It’s almost certain that the plane has crashed somewhere and awaits to be found. But one can dream.



One comment

  1. How great would it be to be invisible? I have an endless list of to dos for when the invisibility kicks in.
    As for the plane I wish they’d stop bloody announcing possibilities only to have them either shut down or take forever to see if viable. I’m waiting on the edge of my seat and I don’t have family on that plane – imagine the poor relatives.

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