Everything is always being consumed


This rant ties in with my opinion that there are too many people on the planet and folk need to stop breeding so much. Just one of my excuses for not wanting offspring.

It seems that everywhere I look, more often than not if there is something that can be consumed by humans, then it is being consumed. I have called this Foo’s First Law.

For example, you walk past an ATM machine and there’s a queue of people waiting to use it no matter what time of day it is. You visit the local bakery to get some much-needed pastry, outside of lunch hours no less, large queue of people waiting to get their food. You try and get a doctors appointment (made even more difficult by this stupid work 9-5 every weekday paradigm we created for ourselves) and get told you have to wait three weeks. You get on a train that is eight carriages long (that’s pretty long) and your face is pressed up against the glass and some dude is groping your ass because it’s that packed with people.

Everything is always being used, space is always taken up, and I have noticed it getting worse over the course of the past decade. There are too many of us and we are going to destroy ourselves unless we take action. China might have a questionable history when it comes to human rights but they had one good idea (albeit a very, VERY poorly handled one) with the whole one child rule. They knew overcrowding was going to be a problem and they took action.

Now I’m not condoning the horrors that have taken place in China trying to enforce that rule, nor am I saying that Western society is more ‘civilised’ because it isn’t. But we damn well need to come up with some kind of plan before we completely obliterate this planet not through nuclear war, but simply by virtue of us mining, digging and scraping it in to non-existence. Leaving it as a husk for some wandering alien to find in a couple million years from now.

“What happened here?” “I don’t know John but keep your eye on the road”

The human race will be the cause of the next global extinction event. Maybe the ants or the birds will take over after we are gone. Or perhaps they will evolve to cross breed in to some kind of super ant-bird hybrid creature. Either way, we won’t be around to see it. Because we will all be dead.



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