Stop making shitty software, Apple


You make good products but your software is fucking terrible.

I  would say that Steve Jobs would be rolling in his grave but he’s party responsible so being dead doesn’t get him off the hook.

All I wanted to do was remove ALL photos off my wife’s iPad in simple way but turns out, that’s not fucking possible. Not through iTunes, not through the device itself. Instead you have to painstakingly delete all ‘moments’ (the photostreams bullshit way of arranging sub categories) one by one. A thousand photos, separated into fuck knows how many moments. Can’t even plug the iPad in to a computer and browse the directory where all photos are stored because…who the fuck knows.

At this rate it would be easier to smash the thing and buy a new iPad. Even getting the photos off the fucking thing just to back them up is no easy task.

I am going to bed angry.


I write nonsense so you don't have to. Although you can if you want...

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