God is not a doctor

Right, it’s fairly obvious I’m not a believer. There is no man in the sky watching and waiting for you to sin. The Christian Bible, and any other religious text that claims otherwise is bullshit, sorry but it is. You don’t need a creation myth and archaic, arbitrary rules that propagate hate and fear. The universe is wonderful enough without you having to create a magic ghost.

I am not ignorant enough to categorically state that there was not some kind of creator. It is entirely possible that during its ~14 billion year life span thus far that the universe could have created an entity which has evolved to the point where it can manipulate matter on a sub-atomic level and hence ‘create’ worlds or even life. Sure, that is 100% feasible.

They might have even created us and this planet, or at least set certain events in motion that led to us evolving, before they wandered off to conduct another cosmic experiment in another galaxy. This is all entirely possible, a creator could exist. They just don’t give a shit if you are gay, believe in other gods, or want to flip on a light switch during the Sabbath. They don’t care if you make large buildings and fill them with gold in their name, and they don’t want any of your prayers. If there was a creator, capable of shaping individual atomic elements into the complexity you see around you in nature, why the fuck would they need you to pray to them?

Why am I talking about this? Because I see a disturbing amount of people on this blogging platform that put their entire lives in the hands of a made up being. More worryingly, they propagate the myth that simply praying away your troubles is good enough. Specifically I’m referring to those who treat mental illnesses such as depression as something that only god can fix. Actual quote I read today from a commentator regarding someone suffering from depression:

“Only God can heal and help us through all of these traumas that we endure in this life.”

I’m sorry what? In one short sentence you’ve just undone all of medical science history. Only God can help me? That is a dangerous sentiment to spread to impressionable or vulnerable people. I am not denying that peoples individual spirituality can be a healing factor in their life, but to state something so absolute in such a matter of fact way is deplorable.

does-prayer-workIt says fact on it so it must be right

Praying does not heal bones, cure disease, or alleviate depression in the long term. Stop pretending it does.




  1. I completely agree. Are you a Dawkins fan, by any chance? The problem is that if reason worked with religious people, there would be no religion. I’m generally happy for people to believe whatever nonsense they like, as long as it’s not harming anyone else. But I do enjoy a good bit of Christian baiting too sometimes.

  2. Dawkins is, quite frankly, a dick of a human being. Regardless of how correct he may be, and a lot of what he says is 100% correct, he goes about it in such a way that he draws comparisons between himself and the zealots he seeks to expose. He doesn’t just use reason to win an argument, he belittles and derides his subject in much the same way fundamentalists do to those who don’t believe in their particular brand of lunacy. For this reason I am only a partial fan. His approach to using science as the number one tool in figuring things out is commendable and I agree with virtually everything he says, but he needs to stop being such a cunt to people if he wants them to truly listen to his wisdom.

    In saying that, you are correct, if reason worked on religious fundamentalists then it wouldn’t be a problem.

    A spiritual side can be important, I myself am giving Buddhism a go (it’s a philosophy, not a religion) because it has some tenets that I would like to live my life by. Not only because I think they will help with my depression but because they generally sound like universal truths to me (basically don’t be a dick to people).

      1. Yeah, pretty much exactly my feelings on the man.

        I agree that religion should go. It is a detriment to all mankind, regardless of the fact that people get enjoyment/pleasure/solace/whatever from it. Even if you aren’t a fundamentalist by condoning religion you are perpetuating an archaic and morally bankrupt practice that does way more damage than good, despite best intentions.

        I mean it’s a cliché and a stereotype these days to refer to catholic priests as child molesters and yet – nobody fucking does anything to stop them and they are still doing it. Not all of them are doing it, but enough for me to think “What the fuck is wrong with humanity, that they allow this shit to continue so obviously??”

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