You don’t have to lie to people but it helps


Smile. Nod. Make eye contact. Smile. Utter some agreeable phrase. Lie. Smile. Move on to the next.

Daily interactions in a nut shell. I have become a master of making it look like everything is peachy. What I really want to do is take an axe and drive it through someone’s (anyone will do) skull because maybe then I’ll feel something other than this.

See, you have to smile and nod and agree or else people think you’re weird. People assume that ‘content’ or ‘happy’ or whatever the fuck you want to call it should be the default position. It isn’t, and why should it be? Look around you, are we really doing that well as a species? I would argue most fervently that we certainly are not.

But hey I better just get over it and smile like the rest of you? Ignorant cunts that you are.



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I write nonsense so you don't have to. Although you can if you want...

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