Bob Dylan + 14 hours

Sleep is great.

I booked today off work to catch up on sleep and not feel like a zombie, also I had holiday days to burn.

I came home, listened to some music, then fell asleep watching True Detective on the couch. After hitting a few bags from the vaporizer, by 11:30 I was unconscious on the sofa. It was nice.

Too much sleep is bad for you, I know this, but it’s great when you’re depressed. Who gets depressed in dreams? Virtually nobody that I know. I also feel OK today, as sometimes when you sleep for long periods of time there’s some kind of reset switch that gets flipped (at least in my brain) that sort of cancels out some of the bad mind shit for a while. Who knows.

We’re gonna go get coffee and donuts soon too, which is a bonus.

I might post a review later this afternoon, I’ve got one on my mind.



I write nonsense so you don't have to. Although you can if you want...

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