You motherfuckers

So I just went and searched the ‘depression’ tag in my reader to see if I could find another depresso, get their point of view on things, maybe make a comment, whatever. Instead I find you fucking assholes (you know who you are) using ‘depression’ as a tag for the first time in your blog of 150+ entries complaining about how you are ‘depressed’ because it’s dark outside and you want it to stop raining? Only to spend the other three quarters of the post talking about vacuous bullshit that has nothing to do with depression and everything to do with you being an attention seeking cunt.

Go fuck yourselves. There’s a difference between feeling a little blue because of the weather and being TOTALLY HELD PRISONER BY YOUR OWN FUCKING BRAIN AND REQUIRING A PRESCRIPTION DRUG JUST TO GET OUT OF BED.

I hope it doesn’t ever shine again where you are, because you don’t fucking deserve it.

Or maybe I’m just being an asshole. Yeah, probably I’m being an asshole. Sorry about that.

Fuck it I’m going to bed.



I write nonsense so you don't have to. Although you can if you want...

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