Don’t get offended


I have offended a lot of people in the past and I will probably continue to do so in the future. I have no filter between my brain and my mouth, and it’s often gotten me in to trouble. It’s something I need to try to work on but in some cases I feel like the problem isn’t me, it’s you, whoever I’ve offended.

Lets get one thing straight, when you choose to take offence to something it has NOTHING to do with the other person. It is firmly in the realm of the self. You do not like or do not agree with what the other party has said and you express your revulsion or whatever at the thing they’ve just said to you.

That’s bullshit for one very simple reason – You are guilty of doing the same thing multiple times and you will carry on doing this until the day you die. For example, fundamentalist religious people get offended by seemingly anything that runs contrary to their narrow-minded world view. If you try to have a nice reasoned discussion with them about evolution for instance, they usually deride and mock your opinions and pull out the fucking ‘just a theory lol’ card. Fuck those guys seriously, I can’t discuss a scientifically sound topic that is completely compatible with your superstitions but you can spend all day telling me how I’m going to hell for no good reason? Fuck off.

You choose to be offended because you do not understand or do not want to understand or accept another person or party’s viewpoint. You are being an ass hat and denying your future development because you won’t step out of your incredibly microscopic world view. And if I make a joke that’s offensive to you? So fucking what, you probably make different kinds of jokes that someone, somewhere could take offence to as well. We are all guilty of doing this without exception.

As Matt Stone & Trey Parker has said several times either everything is OK to make fun of, or nothing is. By choosing to be offended you are revealing your selfish nature and displaying ignorance towards other people and cultures. Stop getting offended.



  1. I totally agree, I probably would have put it a touch more diplomatically, or not depending on my mood. I’ve always said I’m impossible to offend. If it is someones intent to offend then I wont give the pleasure. If it wasn’t there intent then why take offense, I just may engage them in some heated discussion! Being more serious, you have made a really important point, what we take offense at has everything to do with us and nothing to do with the object of offense and knowing that can teach us a lot about our own limiting beliefs.

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I can get angry or pissed off or whatever with what people might say but that’s not the same as being offended. Some people seem to go out of their way to actually find things to be offended about just so they can complain about something. I’m pretty sure I’m guilty of this myself in the past.

      Coping with depression and getting wiser with age have taught me to just give up on the whole notion of taking offence. It is such a silly concept.

    1. AFAIK there was no mix up in the delivery room when I was born but my parents have lied to me before. Contemptible wretches that they are. They once had me believe that some winged pygmy bint would leave money under my pillow in exchange for me providing one of my own teeth as currency. I was not made aware that the teeth had to fall out naturally, so cue an accident involving the door jamb, some string and a metric fuck ton of blood.

      I fucking love Stephen Fry.

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