Video games

When I was two years old or maybe three I’m not exactly sure, my Dad bought a Commodore 64. This was to be my first experience with computer and video games that would turn me in to a nerd for the rest of my life.

I distinctly remember my first gaming experiences. Ghostbusters was the game I played the most, although my parents had bought some educational games such as First Steps with the Mr. Men which I also enjoyed and was too young to realise that they were tricking me into learning.

I loved that machine, and as far as I can remember i played it pretty much non stop until I got my first console (a NES) when I was around ten years old. Once I started on the console route I never looked back, and I’ve been an avid gamer my whole life.

Recently I’ve felt myself falling out of touch with my main passion, mostly due to the depression killing my motivation to play them. But once I do pluck up the energy to start a game I rarely stop for several hours. My long suffering wife can attest to that,

Anyway, this is just a preamble to my first review that I’m in the process of doing now and shall post later on tonight. I’m figure by devoting some energy into talking about the games I like it might help me reconnect with the hobby I’ve spent most of my life involved with. I’m going to try and stay away from reviewing big budget AAA titles and stick to indie reviews as IMO the best innovations in the industry at the moment are coming from indie developers, plus there are tons of game review sites that will circle jerk the latest blockbuster titles ad infinitum and I do not want to be a part of that. Also, I’m not going to only target new games, I’ll review what I play(ed) and what I feel like discussing.

First review will be up soon.


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